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Discovery – The Devil Is In The Details

The modern IT department is often structured with groups very specialized in particular technologies. This has diluted the overall understanding of an organization’s end-to-end IT Services. As a result, organizations turn to the “holy grail” of IT infrastructure … DISCOVERY.

With promises like:

  • Understanding how everything is connected
  • Understanding configuration information of infrastructure components
  • Maintaining an automatic, comprehensive network and server inventory
  • Understanding the connectivity between components and automatically generating network maps

Discovery tools are often touted as the silver bullet to truly understanding your IT infrastructure and improving efficiency in your organization. While discovering your infrastructure provides great value, you need to be careful. If you don’t approach discovery in a systematic fashion and discover only what you need, you can overpopulate your Configuration Management Database (CMDB) with more information than needed and defeat the purpose and value of discovering your infrastructure in the first place.

Regardless of the approach you take to populate your …

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