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What Does A Great Customer Experience Look Like?

What constitutes great customer experience is going to differ from customer to customer, it is going to be different for each type of engagement between a provider and a customer, and therefore it is imperative that the provider understands the needs of the customer at the beginning of the engagement. What does success look like for that particular engagement?

I recently made a call to a support center to report a degraded service issue and subsequently received a survey request where I rated the overall experience as low.  The issue I reported was resolved, the agents were friendly and knowledgeable and yet I was disappointed with the experience.  Why, well here were three key areas that I focused in on during my survey response.

First, when I made the call the initial agent was unable to assist me and cold transferred me to another analyst to take care of my issue.  Once the second agent picked up I had to provide my account details, verify my identity and provide an overview of my issue for a second time after I had already been through that with the first agent who was unable to help …

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