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The Critical Importance Of Effective Communication During Major Incidents

In an age where availability of information is so crucial to business, one factor stands out as a key barometer for gauging IT service health. Incident communication, for many IT practitioners, is an essential ingredient in the recipe for service excellence. Having the ability to broadcast targeted alerts in a timely manner is paramount to guarantee sufficient rapid response and restore service quickly.

So, what’s the big deal about timely and informative incident alert communications when things, well, really ‘hit the fan’? It’s not enough to simply bandage the situation. Informing stakeholders immediately when an outage occurs and providing details of actions taken to restore service is critical and a customer expectation. It almost goes without saying how crucial it is to uphold established communication protocols.

Here are a few things to consider when the inevitable happens.

Consider a Major Incident Manager Role

The role of a major incident manager is crucial. While support resources are working to fix the problem, the following are the key duties of the major incident manager:

  • Resolution coordination and leadership
  • Notification of incident impact and ongoing status of resolution activities
  • Preparation and distribution of …
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