Process is what we do best.

We work with our clients to help them discover and design their processes, drawing on ITIL best practices in our work methods.

We will work on a specific process that is particularly challenging or a cluster of processes that need attention. By paying attention to people, process design and technology, we help you achieve a higher standard of service delivery.

Our services include:

  • Service design: a starting point is to define the services to be offered by the organization and gather the business requirements to create the service catalogue.
  • Process design: once the service catalogue is defined, processes need to be developed. We start by identifying the purpose, goals and objectives of a process and then ensure that inputs, activities, outputs, roles, principles, measurement and reporting are identified and align with the process purpose. When existing processes need improvement, draw upon our  continual service improvement services.
  • System design: define the tool specifications, governance and roles needed to implement and maintain service management functionality.
    • Define functional specifications that outline the required behaviours for the service management tool.
    • Define system governance.
    • Define sustaining roles, responsibilities and skill requirements to maintain what has been built.
    • Define organizational training needs.