In our experience, achieving a mature service management environment is a journey, not an event. We believe a view to a longer term outlook is needed.

We offer strategy and road mapping services to assist with defining, justifying and prioritizing short and long term service management programs within IT or across the enterprise.

We provide:

  • Current state assessments & future planning: How mature is your process environment today? What does the path to maturity look like?
  • Establish long term service goals and objectives: What are your service goals today? Three years from now? What does success look like?
  • Service management road mapping: How do you establish a service management culture? What does this path look like? What processes should be tackled? How do you address the people factor? What about technology?
  • Technology evaluation process: What is the best approach to assessing technology solutions and implementation partners? How do you know what you really need to include in an RFP? How do you build a business case that your management can get excited about? How do you evaluate partners?

An experienced perspective can really help when it comes to navigating this part of the journey. Contact us about our advisory & consulting services.