At Integritas we actively consider people, process and technology. Why? Because the outcome is just better.  

Service management across the Enterprise

In every organization there are business processes for ordering and delivering internal services such as IT services (I need some software), or human resources (I need to onboard a new employee), or legal services (I need a change to a contract) or procurement (I need to order some equipment).

In each case, there are a set of steps that need to be followed to request something, fix something, find something or report on a process and there is a process to deliver the service request, which typically includes some tool set.

Sometimes these processes are robust and reliable and deliver exactly what you need, when you need it, without any additional follow up. Too often they do not deliver as expected.

Service management is a framework for working with employees to discover the business processes; to design more efficient business processes; and then to automate those business processes across the enterprise.

Departments that adopt service management realize that:

  • Business process becomes measurable and manageable
  • End users have a high quality and reliable service experience
  • Employees utilize self service features and request services when it suits them
  • Employees can monitor the progress of their request
  • Reporting on activity and results becomes easy
  • Managers and leaders have insight into what people are doing in their organizations
  • Organizations capture the knowledge of ‘how work is done’ by automating a process

The end result is a reliable, cost effective, quality service experience. A win all around.

ServiceWise is our framework for creating value through Service Management and applies to any business unit, function or vertical from human resources to procurement and health and safety.

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