Integritas has been providing service management solutions to IT departments since 2007. We have developed expertise on the ServiceNow cloud-based platform, the leading service management solution in the industry today, as well as other platforms.

We have worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from ITSM advisory consulting to process definition to technical implementations. We have provided business analysis, project management and quality assurance and testing services.

We have intimate knowledge of the ServiceNow platform; we understand both its potential and its pitfalls. Our methods are battle tested, proven and used repeatedly. We have learned what works and what doesn’t.

We don’t mean to brag, but over time, we have become very expert.

People, process, technology

From time to time, Integritas has been invited into an organization to ‘fix’ a previous service management implementation. If service management is so transformational, why do implementations fail to meet expectations?

Our answer: too much focus on technology, too little focus on people and process.

We love process and genuinely believe that business is better with good process. As a result, we believe that people, process and technology must be considered together for successful outcomes.

When one element is favoured more heavily than another, the outcome can be substandard.

When we come in to ‘fix’ an implementation, our first step is to look closely at the business process of how work is done; who is doing the work; and in what manner. Only then does the technology come into play.

Once a robust understanding of business process is in place, we look at workflow and automation.

It’s tempting to skip this somewhat unappealing stage that adds cost and time to an implementation. In our experience, skipping process discovery and definition will have a bigger cost later, when the implementation flounders.

Our secret sauce: we start with a robust understanding of current processes; i.e. how you do your work today. Once that is understood, we work with you to design good processes that take advantage of the capabilities of the technology.


“Near to out of the box”

At Integritas, we often say that we strive to implement service management solutions ‘as near to out of the box’ as possible. But what does ‘near to out of the box’ mean?

Our answer: It’s like buying a smart phone and then spending time to configure and personalize that phone.

When you open the box – does the phone do all that you want it to do? The answer is a not yet. AFTER you have transferred your data, configured your settings, downloaded your apps, and organized and personalized your home screens, your smart phone matches the way you live your life and does all that you want.

A service management implementation is similar.

We implement the tool as near to out of the box as possible – we strive to minimize customization and add-ons. More importantly though, we work with you to ensure that the tool matches how you do business.

This means we understand your process, how your people will work and configure and personalize the tool to meet your business needs. We make sure that the thing that came out of the box actually fits!

Getting people on board

A question we often hear: How do you get people on board and buy in to this tool and its processes?

Our answer: Understand their pain and involve them in the discovery and design of new processes.

At Integritas, we use a highly collaborative approach which involves facilitated process discovery workshops and facilitated process design. We don’t do things to you, we do them with you.

The initial post-go live period is awkward. Everything is new and unfamiliar and generally, change is uncomfortable. In our experience, involving people early and often in the discovery and design of process and tool configuration speeds the transition and improves the chances for success.