ServiceWise is the framework that we work from when approaching a service management project.

Our 4 stage framework is modeled on ITIL principles and practices and is a robust framework that is also flexible enough to be applied to any business unit, function or vertical from information technology to human resources.

In the Strategy stage we work with you to understand your goals for service management and desired outcomes. This is where we learn about your organization, your need, and how to formalize what you need to accomplish.

  • Define service goals and objectives
  • Provide current state assessments around process, people and tools
  • Develop road maps
  • Develop supporting business cases
  • Provide foundational ITIL and service management education

At the Design stage, we work with you to jointly determine the path to achieving the desired outcomes.

  • Gather the requirements
  • Manage program and/or project
  • Design the solution including technical architecture
  • Process design and improvement

In the Transition phase, we will work with you to bring the design to life through implementation by ensuring that your organization is ready for what is coming.

  • Align process, systems and tools
  • Configure the software platform
  • Performance quality assurance and testing
  • Personalization and user training

At the Operate stage, we work with you to ensure your staff are trained, aligned, and ready to go to work. We also assist with establishing the governance that you need to continually improve.

  • Provide system administration
  • Support the implementation
  • Enable communications
  • Provide post implementation support
  • Provide a warranty period
ServiceWise Methodology