We LOVE process! We genuinely believe that the world is a good place when process is defined and a better place when it’s automated.

We like to think of ourselves as process superheroes, rescuing business from bad process. We seek first to understand your pain and then to fix it by designing good process. Then we automate workflows in tools such as ServiceNow®.

We want employees to order services from departments such as IT or HR, (like laptops or new hire requests) with one request. We want employees to get the correct service from that department without a frenzy of emails and follow ups. We want it done right, the first time, with no fuss.

We think that the experiences that you have today ordering a book or doing your banking online should exist in the business world. And, we think that you should be able to easily measure and report on the performance of a process.

We have helped more than 50 customers create this experience for their internal users.

We make it easy.

How we work

We thrive on collaboration. We don’t do things to you, we do them with you.

We seek first to understand your current processes, issues and requirements. Then our experienced professionals work with you to develop new processes, using our battle tested ServiceWISE methodology.

We engage your staff throughout the project to understand their challenges and obtain their insight in order to design new processes and workflows. We have pragmatic experts who know the ‘gotchas and pitfalls’ of leading service automation platforms and who will steer you around them and offer alternatives.

We don’t disappear once the design is created either, we work with your team to ensure staff are able to effectively use the system and adopt the processes.

We want your staff to love process as much as we do.


What we do

We deliver excellent business process tailored to your enterprise needs and automated using workflow automation in order to deliver sustained, improved service experiences.

We take into consideration people, process and technology.

We assess, strategize and develop road maps. We jointly define processes, roles and responsibilities, workflows and RACI charts, as well as technical and functional specifications.

We implement the tool and provide the project management support.

We have a deep understanding of the ServiceNow tool and work as near to ‘out of the box’ functionality as possible.

We know how to make the most of the tool while avoiding platform pitfalls. We know what’s possible and we know how to design great business process. By working ‘out of the box’ we keep project costs down, simplifying future maintenance costs as well.

We don’t disappear once the design is created either. We incorporate change management methods and work with your team to ensure staff are able to effectively use the system and adopt the processes after implementation.

ServiceWise Methodology